Public Palace


The "Cestello cilindrico" was created for this project, a device of great flexibility and infinite possibilities. Used for both general and accent lighting, it accompanies the visitor in discovering this building, emphasizing and unifying the route




San Marino – Republic of S. Marino


Gae Aulenti Associates

The "Palazzo Pubblico", built in 1300, has undergone repeated restoration and structural consolidation works over the centuries. In 1884 it was practically destroyed and rebuilt by the architect Francesco Azzurri: ten long years of work transformed the Palace ( "the residence of the government of the Serenissima Republic of San Marino" ) into its current configuration. The intentions of the project "in the purest municipal style" are illustrated by Azzurri himself who declared: "... Through the external and internal structure, the Palace wants to express the glorious past of the Republic, its firmness, its history, its modern structure...".
The current restoration work is limited to structural consolidations; for the new lighting of all public and government interiors, a new lighting fixture was designed and built, inspired by a "cylindrical wrought iron cage containing a torch" positioned on the roof of the building: this new device, called "Cestello Cilindrico" , subsequently mass-produced by iGuzzini, houses twelve very low voltage halogen lamps with a controlled light beam that can be adjusted both vertically and horizontally thanks to a cardan joint. Given the great flexibility and possibilities that the luminaire offers, "Cestello Cilindrico" was used for general and accent lighting in all public areas, for passages and decorated walls: it accompanies the visitor from the portico, through the atrium and the monumental staircase, up to the rooms that host the "Great and General Council" and the "Council of 12" in such a way as to define, emphasize and unify the official route.