Allarmi 2011


An exhibition that combines the works of different lighting designers in an unexpected location. The “Il Cubo” project by Studio Castiglioni reactivates life in an old dormitory, marking time with light




Caserma de Cristoforis, Como – Italy

"New ways to light up a space or to think about lighting". The collective exhibition, curated by Romano Baratta (Lighting Now!), compared the work of various lighting design studios. Several rooms at the De Cristoforis Military Station were opened up to the public for the occasion. The project presented by our firm was "The Cube", a military name that recalls the old dormitories, the beds made upon waking, personal dreams, communal life and awaiting leave. The bright and illuminating beds of the dormitory were recreated using special micro screen printed PMMA panels mounted onto aluminium frames, with Edge LED sources produced by Backlight. A home automation control and management system creates and regulates the effect of time passing and reveals the shape of "The Cube" in the transition between night and day. “Light and shadow reveal form” ( Le Corbusier )