Zaubertone - Mozart a Vienna 1781 - 1791


A single specially created luminaire is the protagonist of the lighting of the entire exhibition. A cardan joint supported by copper elements allows maximum adjustability of the sources: simplicity and flexibility




Künstlerhaus, Vienna – Austria


Gae Aulenti Associates

This major exhibition, held inside the Vienna Kunstlerhaus, featured various kind of exhibits: paintings and etchings, sculptures, musical instruments, musical scores, correspondence, everyday objects and period testimonies. It also hosted a reconstruction of six set designs from the composer’s operas. The exhibition unfolded as a guided passageway through parallel walls, arranged lengthways to house the display cases. These walls were connected by wooden reticular structures, inside of which also ran the audio distribution cables. In fact, a soundtrack of Mozart’s works accompanied the tour. Moreover, the structures were used to house the lighting fixtures: these, specially designed and manufactured in small batches, were built from copper elements that held cardan gimbals to give the light sources maximum adjustability. This simple and mobile fixture formed the main lighting element for the whole exhibition, both for the walls and for the display cases.