Expo 1992 - The Body, the World


The Italian pavilion becomes the site of a labyrinthine experience in a common architectural framework. Visitors experience an inventive intelligence between rational and emotional appeals




Seville – Spain


D.A. Studio

From the large central gallery an itinerary unraveled to which Palazzo Italia itself conferred a centrifugal and sequential course. It was “nomadic” in the sense that the visit itself did not aim to provide an opportunity to contemplate - as has been done in other cases - but privileged the experience of sitting in a theatre of stage effects, as an opportunity for involvement and for movement through space that reflects movement through time and movement through time which recreates streams of thought. The installation setup transformed this conceptual spiral in a labyrinthine experience, homologizing its various sections within a common framework of architectural references, defining the visitor's route by alternating analytic and synthetic moments, rational and emotional references, demonstrations and performances.