Pierluigi Ghianda


"Wood", a material whose colours, essences, grain, research into shapes and carvings must be respected. The “Cestello” system highlights the objects on display and preserves the noble qualities of the material. “Doing is thinking”




Palace of Art Triennale, Milan – Italy

“Fare è pensare. Pierluigi Ghianda - l’uomo che firma il legno" (To do is to think - Pierluigi Ghianda - the man who signs wood), an exhibition curated by Studiolabo, describes the contribution of the cabinet-maker master to Italian design and handicrafts, through a display of projects created for architects, companies and museums during the workshop's 150 years of operation. The "Cestello" lighting system, recessed with low-voltage dichroic halogen sources, allowed the displayed objects to be highlighted, while at the same time respecting the quality of the wood material, colours, grain, the study of forms and the carvings.