Gli Etruschi


Evocative lighting: the adjustability of the two halogen lamps inside the display cases allows for controlled light beams. The atmosphere arises from the contrast between the darkness of the building and an accent light




Grassi Palace, Venice – Italy


Arch. Francesca Venezia

The Etruscan civilization has always been intriguingly shrouded in mystery and its relationship with death is one of its most interesting aspects: a large number of relics, everyday objects, jewels and small religious figures were hidden inside coffins to accompany the dead on their journey to a new life. The exhibition was deliberately fitted out to mimic the cryptic image of this ancient Italic population. The building was left in complete darkness, without any conventional lighting systems. The setup was based on the evocative use of colors on the walls and floors to mark the different topics and to reinforce objects, making them easy to identify. The finds were kept safely behind steel and glass showcases, custom-made to meet the requirements of each individual exhibit. The lighting was designed in conjunction with the glass cases. Controlled light beams were emitted by two small low-voltage dichroic halogen lamps, supplied by tin-plated copper rods, and placed outside of the upper part of each showcase. The bulbs could be pointed in any direction in order to cast accent lighting onto every detail of the exhibited objects, without creating any dangerous thermal interference inside the cases.