Calder - Anthological exhibition


The lighting choices, including custom fixtures made ad-hoc, are designed to illuminate Calder's anthological exhibition, in a building normally used as a sports activities centre. It is a dialogue between light, architecture and its renewed functions




Vela Palace, Turin – Italy


Renzo Piano Building Workshop

Palazzo a Vela is normally used as a centre for sporting activities. For this exhibition all the windows were completely closed and the interior was painted dark blue to create a cave effect. A new lighting fixture was specially designed and produced for this event: the works were lit up by small “Tiges”, fitted with small, low-voltage halogen bulbs, and positioned on the upper part of the exhibition walls. In the centre of the space Calder’s big 'Mobiles and Stabiles' were illuminated with zenithal light from the ceiling, using projector lamps with controlled optics and fitted with Thorn 1000 W metal halide sources.