Mostra Silvano Bulgari


Headlights with LED sources with controlled optics and adjustable flux, normally proposed for road use, are now used for the lighting of works of art, with an accent light, enhancing "the sense of time"




Ex St. Francesco Church, Como – Italy


IBT Lighting

The church is the only remaining part of a Franciscan convent built in the early 1300s and rearranged throughout the centuries for various uses. Purchased by the Municipality of Como in 1970, it was renovated to stage temporary exhibitions. The exhibition “Il Senso del Tempo” (The Sense of Time) presented sculptures by the esteemed sculptor Silvano Bulgari, and was designed as a multi-sensory itinerary in which the visitor viewed works inspired by nature and mythology, accompanied by music and voiceovers in a harmony of sounds and images. The lighting project enhanced the works with accent lighting: it used LED projector lamps with controlled optics, excellent colour rendition and adjustable beams, installed as pendants on the existing structure. These ensured luminance levels consistent with the exhibition concept.