The New Uffizi


The wall becomes a support and backdrop for the works that are presented, granting maximum flexibility. The lighting project follows this concept through the use of luminaires of minimal size capable of guaranteeing uniform lighting of the walls, adapting to the display of the works themselves




Florence – Italy

“From a museographical point of view, the focus is on the desire to preserve the image of this historical receptacle without adding any interfering aspects to it. This includes the systems for displaying artworks, the furnishing and all aspects relating to the safeguarding and protection of the works and their valorization. Preference has been given to the idea of using the masonry walls to hold and provide backing for the works. Basically the walls of the exhibition spaces will house the works without any obstacles or limitations other than the architectural features of the building itself. The placement of works will pursue the criteria of maximum flexibility.” (Domenico Valentino, Superintendent for B.A.P and P.S.A.D for the provinces of Florence, Pistoia and Prato). The lighting design conformed to the general idea behind the project and included the installation of specially designed lighting elements that took up minimal amounts of space and which were positioned on the metal frames holding the paintings. Halogen light sources fitted with dichroic reflectors for optimal color rendition were installed in continuous rows to light up the section of the ceiling opposite the lighting appliances. The walls were evenly lit and prepared for housing works of different sizes and colors - the building’s architectural spaces becoming co-players in the exhibition layout.