Branciforte Palace


The restorations bring the Palace back to life and revive it with rooms used for different functions. Lighting aims to ensure different visual tasks to the environments created, facilitating the activities that are carried out in them. The works contained within the building are carefully protected, preserving them from possible deterioration




Palermo – Italy


Gae Aulenti Associates

The patrician palace built in the 16th century on the edge of the Castello a Mare in the historic center has undergone several changes over the centuries. Bombed in 1943, acquired by the Banco di Sicilia Foundation in 2005, it was reopened to the public as an important cultural hub.
The restorations have brought life and refined beauty back to the palace, creating spaces inside suitable for different uses: library, auditorium, restaurants, rooms that house archaeological, majolica, philatelic, numismatic and sculpture collections. Architectural spaces such as the main courtyard or the stables which had lost their original function over time have been restored.
The lighting project is divided into the various spaces in order to guarantee the carrying out of daily activities which translate into different visual tasks.
The luminaires in the project, of minimal size, sometimes in special execution, with controlled optics, installed on the wall or floor, specifically oriented for diffused or punctual lighting, equipped with halogen sources with excellent color rendering and color temperature homogeneous, they ensure maximum flexibility to the space and do not compromise the perishability of the works and collections on display.