Jil Sander Showroom


A re-lamping project linked to the review of the visual merchandising of the brand's stores. The image is not altered, nor is the lighting level: the architecture remains the same. Halogen or metal halide sources are replaced by LED source lighting fixtures. Energy savings and better lighting performance are assured




Milan – Italy


CLS Architects

The restructuring of the Jil Sander group and the opening of new single-brand or partnership stores has led to the revision of the various visual merchandising whilst maintaining the image unchanged.
A new lighting project must adapt pre-existing architecture and systems without restructuring them.
The study and creation of a new lighting system recessed into the false ceiling ( maintaining the same existing grooves ) consisting of LED source lighting bodies specially made by iGuzzini, with controlled optics and high color rendering, replaces the existing halogen source ones or metal halides. The use of this lighting system has brought about notable advantages: reduction in electricity and energy consumption ( air conditioning system ), reduction in CO2 emissions, reduction in maintenance and a notable improvement in lighting performance.
Thus was born the brand's first entirely LED store.