St Mark's Bell Tower


The lighting of the vertical surfaces of the Campanile S. Marco is guaranteed by the "blade of light" distribution of the luminous flux: the entire bell tower is characterized by uniform light. The nocturnal impact of the building is redesigned, the objective of the project achieved




Pordenone – Italy


Arch. Franco Raggi

Built on a hill next to the Cathedral above the municipal square, the ancient Bell Tower of St. Mark ( built in 1347 ) with 67 meters of height is the tallest building, point of reference and symbol of the city, visible from every part. The objective was to redesign the nocturnal impact, making it as visible at night as it is during the day, with a permanent lighting system capable of covering the entire bell tower with uniform light, medium light levels avoiding shadows from grazing lighting vertical. In order to achieve this, a battery of lighting fixtures was placed on the roof of the building in front of the church, hidden from view. The "Maxi Woody" projectors used for this installation create, with the use of refractors, the "blade of light" distribution of the luminous flux, favoring lighting on vertical surfaces: the overlapping by bands of the beams of different luminaires allows for good uniformity of illumination and control of any dispersions towards the environment. ( Flare nr. 46 )