The project utilized the natural geometry of a volcano, creating a huge crater in the plain to house a small city. The artificial hill, characterized by Mediterranean vegetation, conceals a steel architectural structure. A walkway leads to the various businesses, to the internal squares and to the various service areas. The shopping centre - a veritable commercial ring-shaped, two-story arcade - is illuminated by daylight. A hotel, a multiplex cinema, a fitness center, a superstore, 25 food and drink outlets and 160 shops spread out alongside the walkway, all facing towards the large central square. “The project defines a modern interpretation of 'cooperation'. Rather than a sad old shopping center, we want to build a square, where empty space is the element that brings people together”, explained Renzo Piano. The “crater” space was intended to host artistic and cultural events, shows and demonstrations. The lighting design followed the guidelines of the architectural project and used types of fixtures typical of commercial and urban spaces, thus enhancing its image as a citadel.


Nola, Naples
Vulcano Buono Service Centre
General interior and outdoor lighting

Photo: R.P.B.W.

w/ Arch. R. Piano