Recessed fixture for use with low or mains voltage halogen and discharge lamps. The fixture consists of a metal rim and an optical assembly compartment made from painted steel sheet. The optical assemblies are made from die cast aluminum and can be extracted from the fixture using special brackets fitted with a continuous friction hinge. Optical devices can be rotated 75° horizontally and vertically. All positions can be mechanically locked into place to ensure that the directioning of light is maintained. Degree of protection IP23 - IP40, insulation class III, II (versions PAR, QT32, HIT, HST, HI-PAR 30)


Produced by iGuzzini
Cestello Trimmer

Arch. Gae Aulenti
Lighting source: N° 1, 2, 3, 4 Halogen dichroic 50W 12V GU5,3, Halogen QR111 75W 12V G53, PAR30S 75W 220V E27, QT32 150W 220V E27, HI-PAR30 35, 70W E27, HIT 35, 70, 150W G12, HST 35, 70, 100W PG12-1

Dimensions: 13 x 13 cm (1)