Lighting system for display areas and any site in which the lighting needs to be extremely flexible. Made from extruded aluminium, it can be installed, suspended via steel cables, mounted onto the wall or ceiling, or fixed on tracks. Supplied with toroidal transformers. Frames are fixed using articulated rods. The angle of the optical assemblies is maintained using mechanical locking devices. The bulbs are fitted onto a structure containing universal joints, allowing bulbs to be rotated 45° horizontally and vertically. Incorporated toroidal transformers. Shortlisted for the "Compasso d'oro" 1995.


Produced by iGuzzini

Arch. Gae Aulenti
Lighting source: Halogen QR111 50, 75, 100W 12V G53, Halogen QR70 50W 12V BA15d, Halogen dichroic 50, 65W 12V GU5,3

Dimensions: ø 4 x 17 cm