Held in the Lingotto building, the exhibition “Russian and Soviet Art 1870/1930” offered visitors an exhaustive view of the avant-garde of Russian art through paintings, sculptures and original period documents, over a floor space of 6,000 m2. The simple architectural elements designed by Piano let artificial lighting play the leading role in determining the form of the spaces. The lighting system was based on light provided by metal halide lamps, reflected off white panels and screened by pink filters. Natural light was completely shut out of the space: the building’s existing openings were blocked with heavy cloths. This created a volume of varied depths between the perimeter walls and the exhibition area, enhancing the fascination of an already impressive space.


Turin, The Lingotto Building
Arte Russa e Sovietica 1870 - 1939
General indoor lighting

Renzo Piano Building
Photo: P. Castiglioni