In 1985 architect Albert Barokas was commissioned to design the flagship store of Adler Jewelry in Geneva, defining a new corporate identity applicable to all the other stores, particularly in London, Gstaad and Athens. Bearing in mind that in jewelry appreciation, the way light plays on the stones is of essential importance in order for them to be fully perceived as precious gems, the architect considered lighting an essential and identity-defining element to be introduced into the project design of the Adler stores. Piero Castiglioni took care of all the lighting aspects: the general lighting of the store and the showcases. A delicate balance between various sources of cold and warm light was defined according to their positions and purposes within the store, inside the showcases and in the sales areas. A special fixture was designed and installed in all stores to be perceived as a trademark, reinforcing the importance of quality lighting for jewelry appreciation.


Switzerland, UK, Austria, Greece
Geneva, London, Gstaad, Athens
Adler Jewelery
General indoor and outdoor lighting

Arch. Albert Barokas
Photo: P. Castiglioni