Evidence of the building dates back to 1205. In the 1600s the church underwent renovation work in the Baroque style, visible today thanks to the 2008 recovery and restoration work. The adaptation of the lighting system was carried out with absolute respect for the site and without burdening the interior and exterior spaces with the visible presence of fixtures. Small sets of projector lamps, installed inside the perimeter cornices and fitted with halogen bulbs pointed towards the ceiling, illuminate the space with evenly distributed lighting, providing excellent color rendition without glare. The exterior of the building is integrated into the rural context of the village and is illuminated via diffused lighting generated by projector lamps installed on distant posts and fitted with metal halide bulbs and refractors for controlling beam emission.


St. Martino and St. Giovanni Church
General indoor and outdoor lighting

Arch. Renzo Richina
Photo: P. Castiglioni