The commission to create a new image for the sales outlets provided the chance to try out a new lighting system. The atmosphere required for the showrooms needed to evoke the soft quality of Loro Piana garments, featuring refined fabrics and colors and precious materials such as wool and cashmere. To provide the necessary lighting quality, a new system of lighting fixtures was specially designed: the “Light-shed”- later produced by iGuzzini - incorporated rows of very low-voltage adjustable halogen bulbs with both symmetric and asymmetric optics. These suspended, built-in wall or ceiling appliances project homogeneous, diffused and shadowless light, with controlled luminance values on both the horizontal and vertical planes.


Italy, France
Milan, Rome, Venice, Florence, Paris
Loro Piana Showroom
General lighting

w/ Arch. M. Poggi, B. Galbusera
Photo: G. Olgiati