“Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life" is the theme of Expo 2015, which will begin on 1st May and finish on 30th October 2015 in the north-west part of Milan (Rho-Pero). It will be a true citadel with the Triulza farmstead, squares, hills, lakes, greenhouses, theatres, bars, restaurants, purification plants and streams, designed to make the theme of feeding the planet legible in an articulated route along two main axes, the Cardo and the Decumanus. The lighting project will diversify areas and functions, highlight installations, and emphasise pathways: light will be used as a design and scenographic language and not only as a service to make things visible. Lighting fixtures will be integrated into the structural elements of the mounting, resulting in minimal visual impact over the whole interior exhibition space (excepting the water plaza and the square in front of the amphitheatre). The absence of light posts will keep the view free from obstacles and vertical barriers. The hill and its vegetation will give the environment's lighting a dynamic effect with a programmed colour and intensity dimmer that will modify the illumination levels with a sense of undulating mobility and chromatic mutation. The lighting of the road outside the exhibition area will be entrusted to projector lamps, strong enough to allow a mesh with a limited number of posts. Good colour temperature and a good illumination level, that is homogeneous over the carriageways and over the surrounding vegetation, will make driving pleasurable. Very recently designed cast aluminium fixtures with particular beam emissions, controlled through a specific optical system and a special high-output aluminium reflector, will guarantee good illumination levels on walking areas and are an especially good component for vertical planes, ensuring visitors see them. The project light sources will be exclusively LED light bulbs and hydrargyrum medium-arc iodide bulbs with ceramic burner heads. The only exception will be the lighting system for the west entrance, which consists of an opaline stretch polycarbonate vinyl ceiling of 18/100 mm thickness with a transparent protective sheet above, where linear fluorescent lamps will be used for practical purposes. The lighting project has been cognizant of the criteria for energy savings, ease of maintenance and living pleasure and thus regards the environment, aesthetics, functionality and eco-sustainability.


Expo 2015