Built on the headland, the new scheme will not alter the relationships between the sea, the landscape and the vegetation. The 21 villas are radially distributed, discretely integrated between the rocks and the maquis. The architecture follows the contour lines, presents regular volumes, straight lines, large glass surfaces, natural materials, stone and wood. The lighting design respects the nature of the location. Very small fixtures that are invisible during daylight hours, being hidden from view as much as possible, mark the walkways and the presence of vegetation using limited illumination values. The light coming from the large windows of the homes and the illuminated, mirror-like water of the pools have been integrated into the nocturnal context together with the paths, vegetation and rocks. Projector lamps have been installed on the intrados of the terraces that jut out over the sea, illuminating the water surface, rocks and seabed and giving the complex a place in the nightscape of the sea coast. With regards to the environment and controlled energy consumption, particular attention has been paid to luminous flux, to the choice of light sources to be inserted into the landscape and to the sustainability of the new living complex.


Vicem luxury compound
General outdoor lighting

Photo: Render E. Arolat

w/ Emre Arolat Architetti
w/ M. Petrucci