Terminal T1 - the new doorway to Europe - contains two buildings, roads and squares all under a single roof. One block, 300,000 square meters and 500 meters wide, houses all the service activities (ticketing, security and baggage), while a second block, 700 meters long, houses the boarding areas, waiting areas and commercial spaces. It is built to cater to 25 million passengers. The architecture, with its glass walls and high perimeter skylights installed longitudinally in the roofing, ensures the natural lighting of passenger areas, while its transparent quality allows viewing of the runways, the sea and the woods nearby. “The use of natural light, of the views, of the visual axes and of the harmonic system of materials and colors was all thought-out in such a way as to make users and workers feel surrounded by a new type of space, at a more comfortable and human scale, so that they could live out a sort of ‘inner world’ of "illusion". Clarity, few materials, minimalism and simplicity allowed the blending of functionality and aesthetics to occur.” Sets of 250 W 3000 K projector lamps, fitted with metal halide bulbs and ceramic burners, were recessed into the ceilings of the low inner buildings to illuminate the public spaces through reflection off the roofing, using diffused lighting to simulate daylight.


El Prat Airport - Terminal T1

Photo: R. Bofill

w/ Arch. R. Bofill
w/ M. Petrucci