The interiors of boats now offer the same comfort and aesthetic quality as housing on solid ground and also use design furniture and precious materials. The lighting system had to follow specific safety constraints due to the boat’s wave-induced movements and the saline environment. The Mangusta lighting project turned to the new technology of light emitting diodes (LED) to illuminate the walls and ceilings without any visible light sources. The very small size of the LEDs allowed for the creation of continuous lines of light and for the installation of fixtures in small spaces. Built into small grooves, panels and double walls, they enhanced the colors and materials, illuminated the spaces via reflection and made the furnishing luminous. The LEDs were suitably programmed to enable colored and dynamic light to be created and to allow for changes in the way the spaces are perceived. At night, the elegant line of the hull and the strong illumination of the bulwarks from the inside set the boat in backlighting, making it appear to fly over the surface of the water.


Mangusta130 - MAO Boat
General lighting

Photo: E. Corbetta

w/ Arch. E. Corbetta
w/ M. Petrucci