The new Eni headquarters is located in its former industrial complex in San Donato, Milan. Work of American firm Morphosis, it includes three buildings that are strongly characterized by the surfaces of their facades and connected to each other via bridges built around the square — the symbolic heart of the design. The lighting design of the whole area allowed the various zones and the functions carried out in them to be recognized. It also gave prominence to entrances and emphasized the pathways: light as a design and scenographic language that serves to perform various visual tasks. Research, which focused on creating a heterogeneous environment characterized by contrasts, led to the selection of very recently designed devices that only use LED globes; lighting devices with low dimensional impact and high-performance, with special controlled beam emission, thanks to a particular optical system. A careful study of, and attention to, the positioning and installation modes allowed the solutions to be integrated with the architectural features, consistent with the compositional rhythm of the spaces and coordinated with the engineering requirements.


Milan, San Donato
Eni Headquarter
General indoor and outdoor lighting

Photo: Render Morphosis

w/ Morphosis
w/ SCE Project
w/ M. Petrucci