The "Palatium Vetus", centre of political, administrative and judicial life in the medieval city of Alessandria, is also its oldest historic building. The building complex, constructed in the heart of the city around 1170, has undergone various refurbishment and extension measures which have modified the structure, leading to its current form. Nowadays, it consists of a single block with two floors above the ground and various types of foundations. It is currently home to the headquarters of the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio of Alessandria and an important cultural centre. Specially-designed wall-mounted or pendant lighting devices with halogen sources provide even, indirect lighting, ensuring visual comfort and illuminance levels compliant with current legislation. Floor lighting fixtures with halogen sources have been used in the conference rooms and exhibition areas. The custom-made fixtures in the large courtyard use LED sources and have been installed into the supporting structure of the roof, ensuring long-lasting performance and low maintenance. The facade is lit exclusively by the windows. Narrow-beam iGuzzini GlimCube LED devices resting in the centre of the windowsills evenly illuminate the jambs and architraves of the windows. Concealed from view, these devices do not produce glare in the interior spaces. The entrance is accented by recessed LED projector lamps with adjustable optics, concealed in the floor.


Vetus Palace
General lighting

Photo: Palazzo Vetus

w/ Arch. G. Aulenti
w/ M. Petrucci