The botanical garden was established in 1774 by Empress Maria Teresa of Austria. A historic garden (5,000 m2) and magnificent outdoor museum, located within the famous Palazzo di Brera, which houses the Pinacoteca, the Braidense Library, the Academy, and the Astronomical Observatory (la Specola). At night, the accent lighting reveals some areas of the space in a game of chiaroscuro and semi-darkness. Small LED devices installed on the ground with pickets outline the paths and cultivation beds while tailor-made fixtures with narrow-beam optics demarcate the trunks of the tall trees that enclose the garden in a sort of forest. The architecture of the past contained within the garden area, including the observatory and the 18th-century pond, where water lilies and other aquatic plants grow, is illuminated by the direct light of projector lamps. The lighting project has been designed in accordance with the photoperiodism of the deciduous plants so the lighting levels are kept very low: from 10 to 40 lux.


Brera Botanical Garden
General outdoor lighting

Arch. Matteo Vercelloni
Photo: P. Carlini