Established in 1835 by a Swiss patron, the conservatory of music is the oldest musical education institute in Switzerland and is today the home of two music schools and a library with over 70,000 books. On the one hand, the restoration work led to the conservation of the architecture, spaces, and functions, and, on the other, to the creation of new classrooms and educational facilities on the basement floor. The lighting project led to the repurposing, where possible, of the existing historic devices, converting them with more modern and efficient light sources, and to the creation of several custom-made suspended fixtures with various structures, sizes, and bulbs. The large auditorium, which is a venue for concerts and opera arranged on three floors, is illuminated by three large chandeliers with LED sources and wall fixtures, while small-sized projector lamps integrated into the windows are entrusted with lighting the stage. The lighting design thus enables respect and usability of all the various activities present in the conservatory.


Conservatoire de Musique
General indoor lighting

w/ GM Architectes
w/ M. Petrucci