The Abbey of Saint Peter and Saint Paul in Viboldone consists of a church dating back to 1176 and an adjoining Prior house, now partly allocated to guest quarters. Built entirely of terracotta, the abbey has a rectangular hall plan with three aisles, each with five spans framed by ogival transverse arches. The columns marking the aisles are made from bricks, with rounded cube capitals built using the same material. Fourteenth-century frescoes of the Giottesque school cover the walls almost entirely. The lighting design aims to enhance the frescoes, highlighting their colors and scenes. Small, specially designed LED devices with a high color rendering index were thus used, positioned close to the capitals of the individual columns. The devices are equipped with dimmer power supplies so that the artificial light can be adapted to the natural light, also allowing various lighting scenarios to be obtained based on the functions and activities regularly carried out within the abbey.


Viboldone Abbey
General indoor lighting

Arch. Elisabetta Michelini
Photo: P. Castiglioni