The former Chiattone building complex overlooking Via Elvezia and Via Pestalozzi has been refurbished and its spaces repurposed. The historic façade, initially devoid of illumination, has been emphasized, with light that sculpts the volumes and allows the architectural details to be rediscovered. The lighting project used two types of lighting devices with different lenses for different tasks. For the balconies and windows, small LED devices with blade lenses and integrated power supplies were placed on the window sills, allowing backlighting of the balconies and even lighting of the lintels. For the displays and entrances on the ground floor, small linear LED devices, with integrated lenses and power supplies were installed in the intradoses, ensuring suitable illuminance values for the various visual tasks.


Ex Chiattone Palace
General outdoor lighting

Arch. Ferruccio Robbiani
Photo: Render M. Petrucci