Artificial jewels, the halogen bulbs, have their own tale to tell, perhaps a more recent one and than that of the antique icons on display in the underground spaces of St. Andrew’s, but just as intense. The trick was to find the most suitable form to encase a light bulb designed to highlight precious works, and in the end we discovered that the most suitable form of encasing a light bulb is the light bulb itself. This seems a rather insignificant discovery, but it's not when you consider the barbaric way in which light bulbs are often shut away, hidden and debased inside all kinds of receptacles of copper, glass, iron, crystal and plastic. To take them out again and bring them back into the fray we needed the technology of halogen lamps and perhaps a bit of invention (or lack thereof) on our part.


Milan, S. Andrea street
Bulgari - Luce e Gioielli
General indoor and outdoor lighting

Gae Aulenti Associati
Photo: P. Castiglioni