The work started in 1984, firstly with the demolition of Gare de la Bastille, followed by the construction of the new building. The opera house stands in an area where buildings are quite low, averaging 3 or 4 floors and it is well integrated into its surroundings. Despite its large impact on urban planning and architecture, it does not appear monumental. The lighting system designed for the Grande Salle covers 900 square meters; it is a huge, entirely illuminated ceiling, whose appearance is unusual and extraordinary in the true sense of the word. Each and every lighting fixture was custom-made, paying particular attention to ease of maintenance and therefore to the need for each part to be easily dismantled; it was a very innovative design, given that each fixture had to be part of a coordinated project that fit perfectly into the overall plan, both aesthetically and from a functional point of view. This required a very precise design and structural characteristics. Halogen lamps were only used in the public areas.


La Bastille Opera House
General indoor lighting

Arch. Carlos Ott
Photo: P. Castiglioni