From 1998 the disused area of the former Alfa Romeo plant was the focus of a detailed redevelopment plan featuring gardens as well as administrative and residential buildings. Piazza Portello was covered over by a sail-like structure and has become the shopping center of the new complex. The lighting project used metal halide projector lamps that provide indirect light and take advantage of reflections off the surface of the sail. Direct lighting projector lamps were recessed into the roofing of the porticos. A double row of fluorescent tube fixtures was installed above the protruding part of the covered walkways to light the intrados of the sail, minimizing any shadows being cast onto the sail itself by the columns. High luminance levels balance out the dazzling light of the shops and also their relationship with the architecture as a whole. A set of projector lamps fitted with motor-driven dichroic filters cyclically project colored, dynamic and playful light onto the sail - the covered sky of the square.


Piazza Portello, Milan
Portello Square - Shopping Centre
General lighting

w/ Studio Valle Architetti Associati, Noorda Design
Photo: P. Castiglioni